All About
(Formerly Sherman Oaks Collective Care)

It all started with a little dispensary in sherman oaks ( sherman oaks collective care) that kept growing in clientel . It got to the point where there line was coming out the door. The shop owner then decided to look for a space that was going to be able to accomidate the volume of customers. Fast forward 9 months, the master minds beind the dispensary felt that new shop  was no longer the small shop it used to be in sherman oaks. The shop has grown so much more since then. By defition on Merriam Webster "Gradus" means a handbook (as of law phrases or forms) or exercise book to assist in the mastering or performance of a difficult art or practice. At Gradus (By S.O.C.C) we are here to help if you are just starting to consume cannabis and have many question. Understanding cannabis can be sort of difficult, or confusing, to find the correct product that suit your needs. The women behind the counter have a vast knowledge of cannabis and cannbis products. Come into Gradus (By S.O.C.C), and ask one of the staff members the questions you have about marijuana. Here at Gradus (By S.O.C.C )  we pride ourselves with serving the cannabis community with high quality medicine at affordable prices.

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Mon. JAN 13

Tues. JAN 14

Stone Age (All Day)

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*only on sativa*

Wed. JAN 15

Big Rock Farms (All Day)

Buy 2 Key lime pie and/or Forbidden fruit 8ths, Get a gg8 8th for $1

Thur. JAN 16

Lowell Smokes (All Day)

25% off

Source (1pm-4pm)

Buy an 8th Get a pre-roll for $1

Stiiizy  (4pm-8pm)

Buy a pod Get a battery for $1

Fri. JAN 17

Coda Edibles (4pm-7pm)

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Ervana (4pm-7pm)

Buy an 8th Get a pre roll for $1

Sat. JAN 11

Stone Age  (All Day)

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Sun. JAN 12

Kanha Gummies


Buy an 8th Get a joint for $1


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